Silent Call Medallion Series Vibra-Call 3 Vibrating Body Worn Receiver

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  • Alerts by unique vibration pattern to common household sounds 
  • Receives signals from any Medallion Series Transmitter
  • Slips into your pocket or clips to your belt for easy portability throughout your home
  • Uses million-code technology so you never get false alarms from a neighbors system

The Vibra-Call 3 is an easily portable receiver that alerts the deaf and deaf-blind to any Medallion Series transmitter. Quickly know what type of alert it is with unique vibration patterns for phone, doorbell, sound, smoke detector and more. 

With the Medallion Series you get million-code technology, which means your system will never get a false alert from a neighboring radio frequency signaling system. It’s ideal for apartments, dorms, condos and hotels, as well as single-family homes. 


  • Notifies to each Medallion Series transmitter with a different vibration pattern
  • Clips to your waistband or slips in your pocket
  • 500 ft. range for indoor and outdoor use
  • Monitors up to 4 smoke detectors and will alert you if they are not functioning properly
  • Recharges overnight with the charger/docking station
  • Plug in optional bed shaker to receive nighttime notifications
  • Receiver and bed shaker share the same vibration patterns