Silent Call Medallion Series Wireless Doorbell Transmitter

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Sends a signal to any Medallion Series Receiver whenever the doorbell button is pushed. Intended for homes or doors without a doorbell system already installed.

The Wireless doorbell is for homes or doors that do not already have a doorbell system. It easily mounts outside any door. Whenever a visitor presses the button, a signal is sent to any Medallion Series Receiver, which will alert you by flashing light or vibration. 

With the Medallion Series you get million-code technology, which means your system will never get a false alert from a neighboring radio frequency signaling system. It’s ideal for apartments, dorms, condos and hotels, as well as single-family homes. 


  • Easily mounts to any doorframe with two small screws (included)
  • Up to 500 ft. range
  • Uses 1 12-volt battery (included)
  • Low battery indicator light

Works with:

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