Silent Call Medallion Series Mini Strobe Receiver

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  • Alerts by bright flashing strobe and unique LED icons to common household sounds
  • Receives signals from any Medallion Series Transmitter
  • Uses million-code technology so you never get false alarms from a neighbors system

The Mini Receiver alerts to any Medallion Series transmitter with LED icons and a bright flashing strobe. Each sound gets its own colorful LED icon so you immediately know if it’s the phone/VP, smoke alarm, doorbell or any other transmitter. 

With the Medallion Series you get million-code technology, which means your system will never get a false alert from a neighboring radio frequency signaling system. It’s ideal for apartments, dorms, condos and hotels, as well as single-family homes. 


** Optional 12V Bed Shaker can be added to the receiver to alert while sleeping


      • Notifies to Medallion Series transmitters with LED icons and bright strobe
        Flashing strobe has three brightness settings Each transmitter corresponds with a different colored LED icon
        Up to 500 ft range for indoor and outdoor use
        Plug in optional bed shaker to receive nighttime notifications