Hear+Hi Acuity Duo True Wireless Amplified Earphones

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Acuity Duo is a set of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Bluetooth earphones that can amplify phone calls, music, and conversations up to 35dB. Compatible with Apple & Android devices, the free smartphone app allows you to test your hearing & set up a personalized hearing profile.

Acuity Wireless Amplified Earphones combines the most advanced Bluetooth technology with a dedicated Digital Signal Processor. It pairs with smart phone or mobile device for phone calls and streaming audio media, and it amplifies ambient sound in a natural way with up to 35dB (65dB for Acuity Stereo) of gain.

By installing the dedicated ‘My Hearing Acuity’ App, compatible with Apple and Android devices, the App conducts a simple hearing test to determine the user’s hearing profile, and a personalized hearing compensation is created and loaded back to the Acuity Earphones. The personalized compensation works with the phone for calls and streaming, as well as for hearing amplification.



  • Up to 35dB amplification
  • Advanced 8-Channel DSP processing helps reduce unwanted noise
  • 2-way Bluetooth functionality lets you stream audio & phone calls from your smartphone, as well as make adjustments & update settings through the free iOS or Android smartphone apps
  • 3 Preset Modes: Standard, Noise-Cancelling, High-Level Noise Cancelling
  • Carrying case doubles as a charger, with a built-in rechargeable battery that can recharge the earphones whenever they’re put back in the case