DRYMAX Hearing Aid Dryer with Ultraviolet

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The DryMax – UV model has the same active drying system as the Dry Max, but includes an ultraviolet, germicidal lamp which produces wavelengths that kills 99.99% of the common bacteria found in the external ear canal.


DryMax- UV is an energy-efficient electronic appliance designed for use every night to care for and store all varieties of hearing instruments – hearing aids, cochlear implant hardware, noise or tinnitus maskers, in-ear monitors, and even your wireless earphones


  • Germicidal properties eliminates itching, irritation and ear infections
  • Surface sanitizer only - non damaging to plastics or earmolds
  • Includes six-pack of Dry-Brik Mini Desiccants ( 6 month supply)
  • Runs for 8 hours before automatically turning off
  • Accommodates a pair of hearing devices -compact for travel
  • Dimensions;: 5.8” wide x 2.8” deep x 2.3” high
  • Three year warranty in USA and Canada