Dry & Store DryCaddy UV Hearing Aid Dryer

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The DryCaddy UV lets you take the best care possible of hearing aids or other small, personal electronics.  It features a UV-C light and includes two specially designed DryCaddy Discs containing the most powerful, most effective desiccant on the market – molecular sieve. It outperforms the more commonly used silica gel desiccant in all categories, (with respect to the care of delicate hearing instruments).  Each DryCaddy Disc is a single-use product capable of drying devices in the DryCaddy UV for a period of one month.  Two-AAA batteries are included, which should last around one month, if used as suggested.  And because of it’s battery-powered (for UV-C light) package, it’s portable - take it anywhere you want to go.



  • Easy to use and grip
  • Portable
  • Battery powered (for UV-C light)
  • UV-C light
  • WARNING: NEVER open the drying compartment while the UV light is on. Looking at the UV light with the naked eye may cause severe burns to the eye
  • Dimensions: 3.35”L x 3.35”W x 3.85”H
  • Warranty- One year from date of purchase