Flow-Med Dry-Cap UV2 Hearing Aid Dryer for Rechargeable Aids

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The Dry-Cap UV2 is a patented drying box for hygienically cleansing and drying rechargeable hearing aids for their optimum care.

Moisture, body secretions and cerumen can severely impair the function of rechargeable hearing aids and lead to their failure. The Dry-Cap UV2® is a drying box that provides effective, gentle, and safe care for your rechargeable hearing aids to prevent ear infections, reduce repairs and extend their service life. The Dry Cap enables quick drying and hygienical cleansing while simultaneously charging of your rechargeable hearing aids using the included dual-USB power supply. There are two modes available. The Dry & Clean mode combines fast drying by an efficient air blower and UV-C light for perfect hygiene at the beginning and end of the drying process. The Clean Mode is a fast hygiene program using the UV-C light to effectively eliminate 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and fungi.  In addition to hearing aids, many other types of products can be dried and hygienically cleansed, such as electronics (cell phone), dental care and baby pacifiers, just to name a few.




  • Fast-drying by efficient air flow blower
  • Hygienic cleansing using UV-C light
  • A variety of other kinds of products can be dried and hygienically cleansed
  • Can simultaneously recharge your hearing aids using included dual-USB power supply
  • Automatic turn-off after 2-hours
  • Gravity sensor for safety shut-off
  • 2-year warranty