Dry & Store DryDome Hearing Aid Dryer

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  • Removes moisture from hearing aids/cochlear implants for smooth operation and prevents costly repairs
  • No desiccant needed – saves you time and money of having to replace every few months
  • Compact size perfect for travel
  • Simple to use with one touch operation

Built-up moisture in your hearing aid can be very damaging, causing corrosion of battery contacts, hinges and other components. This can result in distortion, volume fluctuations and other performance issues with your hearing aid, and ultimately, costly repairs. Luckily there is the DryDome. 

DryDome is an economical dryer that will keep your hearing aid running in tip top shape. It uses gentle convection heat to remove moisture from your hearing aid or cochlear implants—with no desiccant or chemicals! 

It is recommended that you use the DryDome every night for best results. 


  • Gentle heat provides precise convection drying
  • Does not use desiccant or chemicals—eliminating the hassle of having to replace every few months
  • One-touch operation
  • Subtle LED indicator light glows while cleaning
  • Automatically shuts off after 8 hours
  • 3.45" diameter – compact size doesn’t take up much room on your night table
  • 3" diameter drying tray holds two hearing aids or one implant processor
  • Powered by Micro-USB with A/C adapter