VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Vibrating Baby Monitor

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This is a simple, 2-piece baby monitoring system that works great for deaf & hard of hearing parents or caregivers.

  • Hear, feel, and see when your child cries through the auditory, vibration, and visual indicators.
  • DECT 6.0 digital technology eliminates background noise, prevents interference and has secure, private transmission
  • 18-hour rechargeable batteries in parent unit allows for wireless freedom
  • Extended range of up to 1,000 ft.  

Stay connected with your baby in another room or even outside!


The VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor allows you to hear your baby crying from another room, but also alerts through vibration, visual indicators, and a backlit display on the parent unit. If you prefer to mute the parent unit, you can rely on the visual LED indicators to know how loud your baby is crying using its five-level sound display. With the built-in intercom on the parent unit, you will be able to remotely speak assurances to your restless baby. To further soothe, the loop handle on the baby unit illuminates to become a warm color night light.


The monitors use DECT 6.0 encrypted digital technology for eliminating background noise, preventing interference and has a secure, private transmission between units, so you can be assured you are being alerted only to your baby’s sounds and nothing else. The 18-hour rechargeable battery allows you wireless freedom to be in other rooms, giving you peace of mind, anywhere, anytime. The parent unit can be powered by the AC adapter or from the included rechargeable battery.



  • DECT 6.0 digital technology
  • Encrypted secure transmission between units
  • Alerts through auditory, vibration and 5-level sound indicators
  • Extended range - up to 1,000 feet
  • Talk back intercom in parent unit
  • Backlit display on parent unit.
  • Built-in night light on baby unit
  • Rechargeable battery - up to 18 hours
  • Low battery alert
  • Volume control