SOS Help Pendant Vibrating Audio Alert Paging System

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This alerting kit with help pendant and portable alert is a simple solution when someone needs help in an emergency or needs something from another at a distant location. Press the button on the help pendant and it will transmit a signal to the portable alert which will notify you with vibration, an audible alarm, and a flashing indicator light.

An easy-to-use solution for providing awareness, safety, peace of mind and independence for the visually and hearing impaired, high-risk individuals such as seniors with mobility issues, the disabled and their caregivers.

For emergency help (SOS) or you need to summon another person, press the button on the help pendant and it will wirelessly send a radio frequency (RF) signal to the portable alert.  The portable alert notifies you through vibration, a flashing red indicator light and an alerting melody. Choose from a selection of 50 melody alarms.


The alerting kit is expandable. One help pendant can signal multiple portable alerts and up to 20 help pendants can trigger each portable alert. (Add-on units sold separately----contact us for details).  Each help pendant can be set to the same or different portable alert melodies or volume settings.


The recipient /caregiver will be alerted wherever they are located; inside the home, in the backyard or visiting a next-door neighbor. The transmission range is up to 250 ft. indoors or 500 ft. outdoors. The portable alert can be clipped to a belt, in your pocket, wall mounted or placed on a table.



  • Portable alert is triggered by the push of a button on the help pendant.
  • Alerts through vibration, flashing red LED light indicator and a choice of (50) alerting melodies.
  • Up to 250 ft range between help pendant and portable alert indoors.
  • Help pendant & portable alert already paired when received.
  • Expandable; can add-on help pendants and portable alerts (sold separately---contact us for details).
  • Portable alert can be switched off, when not needed. Help pendant resets automatically.
  • Utilizes low power consumption Radio Frequency technology - Battery operated and wireless.
  • Low-cost solution - no Wi-Fi or monthly fee required.


Pager 3-3/4" x 2-1/4" x 3/4", Pendant 2-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 3/4"


What's included?: 

Help Pendant, neck strap, Portable Alert Pager, belt-clip, small screwdriver, user guide.