SOS Push Button Help Pendant

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This is an additional push button pendant for the SOS Help Paging System (sold separately).  You can purchase up to 20 Help Pendants that can trigger the Portable Alert pager .  By pushing the Help Pendant button, the Portable Alert pager is triggered from up to 250 feet away. The pager then alerts the caretaker through vibration, a flashing LED indicator light and an alarm melody.   



  • Expandable; can add-on up to 20 Help Pendants to one or multiple Portable Alert pagers.
  • Up to 250 ft range indoors between Help Pendant and Portable Alert pager.
  • Pager alerts through vibration, flashing red LED light indicator and a choice of (50) alerting melodies.
  • Help Pendant resets automatically.
  • Utilizes low power consumption Radio Frequency technology - Battery operated and wireless.
  • Low-cost solution - no Wi-Fi or monthly fee required.