Multipage On-Site Vibrating Paging System Transmitter

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The perfect paging system to use in the workplace or a large wide area environment !

The MultiPage is the only transmitter on the market to seamlessly page pocket vibrating pagers. The MultiPage will page and re-page MultiPage SlimLine Vibrating Pocket Pagers at user-programmable intervals; enter random numbers in the transmitter and it will be displayed on the wireless visual-pager displays and show which numbers are on the visual-pager and on the transmitter's LCD screen.

This 460 MHz MultiPage Transmitter has an excellent 1/4- to 1/2 mile range and supports up to 9,999 portable vibrating pagers (pagers are sold separately----call us for details).


The MultiPage Transmitter can be used to transmit to MultiPage SlimLine Vibrating Pocket Pagers. The MultiPage LCD screen displays two lists: The first list consists of the numbers being shown on the UHF Wireless Display. The second list shows the Pagers waiting to be repaged.


Simply plug the power adapter into the back of the MultiPage transmitter and it is ready to use. To enter a number on the Wireless UHF Display, type the number and press "ENTER." To send a page to a Vibrating Pager, type the number of the Pager you wish to page and press "SEND," then follow the on-screen prompts. To remove numbers from the Wireless UHF Display, press "CANCEL," then type the number you want to remove and then press "ENTER." To remove numbers from the vibrating re-paging queue, press "CANCEL," then type the Pager number followed by "SEND."


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