SMPL Amplified Hands-Free Dialing Photo Phone for Seniors

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Now making a phone call is simple and stress-free with the SMPL Photo Phone. To reach a family member, caregiver, doctor or 911 – Speed dial with just one touch using the 6 photo buttons or dial with the large keypad numbers without picking up the handset. It has 4 earpiece amplification levels and is constructed of rugged ABS plastic.


The SMPL photo phone is amplified making it ideal for hard-of-hearing and for those who wear hearing aids. It has an adjustable earpiece that has 4 volume levels and a 3-level ringer volume so it can be heard from far away. In addition, it has a flashing incoming call light and a bright call indicator light to alert the hearing impaired and easily locate the phone at night. No power required as it works off any home phone jack. For a simple, one touch phone call to those you want to reach most often, just insert photos using the provided template.


  • Rugged ABS plastic case and button
  • Six, one-touch photo keys
  • Earpiece has 4 volume levels 
  • Hands-free dialing with large button keypad
  • Deep handset cradle minimizes unintentional dislodge
  • Loud ringer volume and visual incoming call flasher
  • Last number redial and call waiting/flash buttons
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Compatible with most senior facilities.
  • Works w/ existing answering machines
  • Desk or wall mountable and no AC power required
  • One year warranty.