Clearsounds Quattro 4.0 Pro Neckloop with QConnect Transceiver

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This Bluetooth neckloop package amplifies cell phone and landline calls along with audio from other Bluetooth devices up to 30dB. Detachable microphone allows for amplified listening in meetings, group conversations or a distant speaker. Compatible with t-coil enabled hearing aids/cochlear implants or listen with the included earphones.

The Clearsounds Quattro 4 Pro Plus is a Bluetooth streaming neckloop with a detachable, omni-directional microphone that amplifies phones calls, TV, music, meetings, and group conversations for clearer sound.  The Quattro Pro has a microphone which picks up the sound, then transmits it to the audio neckloop.  The 30dB amplified sound is received through your headphones which are directly plugged into the neckloop or through the T-coil of your hearing aid.  The Omni-Directional microphone is detachable so you can place it close to a distant speaker and pick up the amplified sound. The sensitivity is adjustable to minimize background noise.


The QConnect Transceiver is both a transmitter and receiver for two-way communication.  It connects to any landline phone's 2.5mm headset jack, which then pairs to the Quattro Pro via Bluetooth for hands-free amplified phone call use.


Additional Features:

  • Hands-Free Communication up to 33 ft range
  • QConnect’s Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery runs for up to 5 ~ 6 hours of talk time and lasts up to 5 days on standby Mode.
  • Reliable & Secure Connection – uses authentication pairings and data encryption
  • Prevents Call Drops via Modulation System that lessens signal interference in channels