Williams Sound NKL001 Neckloop

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The Williams Sound NKL 001 neckloop magnetically couples the audio output from a Williams Sound unit into a hearing aid equipped with a t-coil. The neckloop works only with hearing aids equipped with a telecoil (t-switch) or an induction earphone. 8-16 Ω mono.


The neckloop plugs into a receiver's earphone jack to provide a magnetic signal that can be picked up by a hearing aid equipped with a telecoil (t-switch). It is worn like a lanyard. It is suitable for a person with moderate to severe hearing loss.

Integrated safety breakaway device. In the event the neckloop cord becomes entangled with a object in motion, the breakaway device will disconnect the neckloop from the user.



  • 3.5mm mono plug
  • 18" cord
  • 8-16 Ω
  • Compliance: RoHS, WEEE