Williams Sound PLA240 Countertop Loop System

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  • Provides clear, amplified sound to t-coil enabled hearing aids in customer service environments
  • Loops small customer service areas such as bank teller windows, kiosks or pharmacies
  • Includes microphone and stand for customer service, pharmacist, etc to talk into

The PLA 240 makes it easy for those with t-coil enabled hearing aids users to hear once they enter the looped area.

Plug in the loop pad and put under the desired listening area, like a customer service window. Hook the PLA 240 to the included microphone. Once a user enters the loop area, the sound signal is sent to their t-coil, turning their hearing aid into a personal loudspeaker!


  • 1 PLA 240 Loop Amplifier
  • 1 PLM 001 Power Loop Mat
  • 1 MIC 027 Directional Microphone
  • 1 STD 005 Microphone Stand


PLA 240 Features

  • Volume and tone control
  • Automatic Gain Control stabilizes fluctuating volume
  • Can be used with t-coil hearing aids or loop receivers (sold separately)
  • Connect up to 5 audio sources with the touch of a button
  • Includes a remote to control power, volume, tone and audio input
  • Dimensions: 7" W x 1-5/8" H x 6" D


Loop Mat Features

  • 12” Nylon Fabric Mat
  • Two-turn loop with series resistor
  • Produces about a 36” x 36” magnetic field for t-coil equipped hearing aid users
  • Install under any non-metal counter


Microphone Features

  • Shotgun directional microphone
  • 48” cord
  • 3.5mm plug