Sonic Alert FocusEar (PAL) Personal Amplification Listener - Beige

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The FocusEar PAL (Personal Amplification Listener) is an elite class of Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) intended to improve hearing in certain situations. The FocusEar PAL can help you hear every word, musical note and sound. It has a small earpiece design and eartip that's worn like an earbud, FocusEar PAL is a discreet way to hear better, amplifying sounds up to 26 decibels. Available as a single or pair of earpieces.

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The FocusEar PAL (Personal Amplified Listener) is a small personal sound listener packed with innovative technology to help you hear better in all types of situations.

FocusEar PAL is made of a high-impact case to keep up with your active lifestyle, and features the innovative Sonic ZTip that fits in your ear all day. It is intuitive to use, with three preset programs and a toggle-style volume switch. Using the FocusEar PAL in t-coil mode provides greater flexibility—allowing you to talk on the phone, listen to music or TV through a neckloop or have sound directly sent to your ears in public venues that offer an induction loop listening system.

FocusEar PAL comes with a one year warranty with 45 day return period.


  • 26dB gain
  • 100% HD digital processing with speech enhancement
  • Noise reduction filters and feedback cancellation
  • Omni-directional microphone
  • Three listening modes: quiet, ambient, t-coil
  • 14 channels and bands
  • 10 day battery life with low battery warning
  • Earpiece is .3125" thick



  • (Single or pair) beige earpiece(s)
  • Medium-length slim 1.75" ear tubes for left and right ear
  • Small Sonic ZTips for left and right ear
  • Medium Sonic ZTips for left and right ear
  • Cleaning wire
  • 4-pack 312 zinc air batteries
  • Travel case