FreedomAlert Emergency Alerting System

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The FreedomAlert Emergency Alerting Device is a programmable, 2-way voice communicator with wearable pendant that gives you independence and peace of mind. The FreedomAlert device will automatically dial pre-programmed family, friends or neighbors in an emergency, and in the event they are unreachable, will dial a 911 emergency operator. No activation costs, contracts or monthly fees.


The FreedomAlert Emergency Alerting Device gives you independence and peace of mind when you know that you can immediately contact family, friends or neighbors when an emergency prevents you from reaching the phone. Push the button on the wearable FreedomAlert pendant and have instant 2-way speakerphone communication at anytime or anywhere around your home. If your programmed contacts are unreachable at the moment, the system can default to contact a 911 emergency operator. FreedomAlert is a one-time purchase—no monthly fee, service charges or contracts.

FreedomAlert not only allows you the complete freedom to live independently in your own home, but also works at your friends or families home too—anywhere with a regular phone line.

Set-up is simple, just plug in the phone cord and power adapter and program contact numbers using your touch-tone phone.


  • Call with just a single press of the button
  • Water resistant
  • Voice prompted system provides easy setup and testing
  • VoIP compatible
  • Each FreedomAlert system can support up to combined 4 pendants or Emergency Wall Communicators - great for spouses and group homes
  • Includes two rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries, allowing you to charge one while the other is in use
  • Up to several hours of talk time and several months stand-by time with one battery charge
  • Battery back-up (4 NiMH rechargeable batteries included)
  • Use with lanyard, wrist strap or belt clip
  • 1.9GHz DECT technology offers superb voice quality
  • FreedomAlert system should cover your average American home and well into the front, back and side yards
  • Complies with NENA (National Emergency Number Association) standards. FCC & DOC certified.