Hard Wired 24VAC Doorbell System with Loud Horn Flashing Strobe

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The Hard Wired 24VAC Doorbell System with Loud Horn Flashing Strobe is for use in hotels, dorms, residences and any other areas designed to accommodate those with hearing impairments. The kit consists of a horn/strobe for audible and visual signaling, a doorbell push button, a mounting button faceplate, and a 24VAC transformer.

Note: This system should be installed by a licensed electrician.

Our (optional) doorbell timer relay can adjust the length of the strobe flash of your hard-wired doorbell system from 3 to 60 seconds. 


What's included: 

(1) Horn/Strobe

The Horn/Strobe is designed for use in a single gang 2" (51mm) x 4" (102) box. Each unit contains an audible horn signal which generates a 92dB buzzer @ 1 meter/ 82dB buzzer @ 10 ft. and a high intensity strobe. 

One additional 24VAC horn/strobe can be added to this system. (Maximum 2 horn/strobes per system)

** NOTE: Contact us for options if you need more than 2 horn/strobes for your system. **

(1) 24VAC Transformer 

The 24VAC transformer is used to power the horn/strobe. It is equipped with a grounding wire and is suitable for installation in both plastic and metal boxes. 

(1) Doorbell Push Button with Faceplate

The doorbell push button station provides activation when installed in the mounting plate. The plate has a stainless steel face which says "Audio-Visual Door Alert for the Hearing-Impaired.....Please Depress Button for 5 Seconds".  



  • Transformer primary: 120V AC; secondary: 24V AC
  • Horn/strobe current draw: 175 mA at 24V 50/60 Hz; 125 mA at 24V DC
  • Strobe output: 50 cd on-axis