Hard-Wired 24VDC Doorbell Horn/Strobe with Selectable Colors & Audible Tones

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This unique new Hard Wired 24VDC Doorbell Horn/Strobe is an audible/visual signaling device with field selectable strobe colors and audible tones that may be used in a variety of system configurations including doorbell applications. It is included with and can be added to the Hard-Wired 24VDC Audio/Visual Doorbell System Kit . (maximum 6 horn/strobes per system)

Each visual appliance strobe strength can be field adjusted to obtain 5 different colors. The horn signal has switch selection for 5 different sound outputs.

Each signal is provided with a multi-color strobe, rotary switch SW1 and SW2 for the horn.

SW1 parameters: 0=Strobe OFF, 1=Amber/Yellow Strobe, 2=Clear/White Strobe, 3=Green Strobe, 4=Blue Strobe, 5=Red Strobe.

SW2 parameters: 0=Horn OFF, 1=Chime Continuous, 2=Chime Temporal pattern, 3=Horn Continuous, 4=Horn Temporal pattern, 5=Doorbell/Ding Dong.

Our (optional) doorbell timer relay can adjust the length of the strobe flash of your hard-wired doorbell system from 3 to 60 seconds.